This time I will be reviewing the Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover, I am actually writing this using the keyboard so you are getting it straight from the source. First impressions are that the keyboard is useable but is not perfect and I should be able to get used to it. Appearance wise it is stylish and fits well with the iPad theme. I find myself not a fan of the black iPad and gadgets as they seem to be the finger print magnets, so next time I get a white iPad and accessories and the good news is this style of keyboard is now available in white as of this writing, so problem solved there.

So far it is working good it is responsive and does fulfill the need for portable, and there are some problems with holding the iPad in place for the iPad 2 with a back cover so not sure how much I would trust it in situations where you can’t have a stable base.. The keyboard is a bit small but surprisingly more manageable than I thought it would be given the size of the keys and the space used for the keys. In all I can see being able to use this for longer periods of time, which for me is unlikely to be more then thirty minutes at a time.

Many people wonder what is the point in having an iPad and a keyboard and why not just get a laptop. Well based on owning an Ultrabook, Laptop, PC and tablet each has a purpose that works for them. The reason to use a keyboard to write with an iPad is portability. I don’t know of any device with a decent size screen that you can use to type with that is so portable. The iPad and the Ultrathin keyboard allow you to write with very little space needed or taken, but if you prefer writing at a desk or other fixed location, well this keyboard is not for you, its that simple. One should buy a device or accessory tailored to your needs, not what is cool. This is how I give advice on what kind of devices you need and it should be how you shop.

So in conclusion the Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover is perfect for people who want a light load, small footprint and want to write, if this is not what you do then move on to another keyboard or even computing device.