iPhone 5s Review

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My journey with the new iPhone started on the day of the release, when I was upgrading from an iPhone 4S. I got in line at 6:30am with the opening of the store at 8am, I was around 80th or so in line. At about 7:30am the Apple manager came out to let us know that there were almost no silver (the color I wanted) and no gold, but plenty of space grey. Ok well I got my card for a 64Gb space grey for Verizon and was all set, now it was just waiting for the line to get to me. After another 4 1/2 hours after opening the doors I had my phone in hand. The first couple of days I spent making sure I was all transferred over and doing my day job. After a few days though I got into the phone and can report on it.

My perspective is that of a real live upgrader. Few people upgrade yearly so I think upgrades tend to be for people off contract. The iPhone 5s is an impressive upgrade to the 4s in every way.

The good.

It is lighter, taller and easier to handle. The phone is zippy and calls up information rapidly. The screen is the same just a bit bigger but feels like it is sharper. The camera is amazing, clearer pictures, faster and the slo-mo feature is incredible to use for taping cats and other blurs of speed.

The Bad.

The battery life does not seem to feel better, despite the claims of Apple. The screen is small, it is not an issue for me as I have an iPad, but if this is a person's single device that can be a factor. Apple products are expensive and accessories even more so. The Apple case is the best case I have seen but is over priced at $40. The Camera use is not as simple as past phones, and transferring slo-mo photos is a pain.

If you are upgrading and like Apple devices this phone is worth it. If you love taking pictures and video, this is an excellent device. All in all I highly recommend the iPhone 5s.


Does Apple need a TV?

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I do wonder who is trying to get the media to kill Apple, suggesting one of the worst products for profit margins…the TV. TV makers struggle to turn a profit. The average TV buyer does so once every 5 years…maybe. So Apple putting out a TV means that in gen 1 it has to grab a lot of people ready or willing to trade. Next, you have to overcome the content gorilla┬áin the room. What is going to make it better? Content, we have to assume that in order to get an Apple TV to be an all in one device, that EVERY content provider or the major ones at the very least are going to change their current game plan and let Apple be the cable box/DVR/On demand/Pay per view service…Yeah that is believable. It just seems like a loser all around to get too deep into TV.