iPhone 5s Review

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My journey with the new iPhone started on the day of the release, when I was upgrading from an iPhone 4S. I got in line at 6:30am with the opening of the store at 8am, I was around 80th or so in line. At about 7:30am the Apple manager came out to let us know that there were almost no silver (the color I wanted) and no gold, but plenty of space grey. Ok well I got my card for a 64Gb space grey for Verizon and was all set, now it was just waiting for the line to get to me. After another 4 1/2 hours after opening the doors I had my phone in hand. The first couple of days I spent making sure I was all transferred over and doing my day job. After a few days though I got into the phone and can report on it.

My perspective is that of a real live upgrader. Few people upgrade yearly so I think upgrades tend to be for people off contract. The iPhone 5s is an impressive upgrade to the 4s in every way.

The good.

It is lighter, taller and easier to handle. The phone is zippy and calls up information rapidly. The screen is the same just a bit bigger but feels like it is sharper. The camera is amazing, clearer pictures, faster and the slo-mo feature is incredible to use for taping cats and other blurs of speed.

The Bad.

The battery life does not seem to feel better, despite the claims of Apple. The screen is small, it is not an issue for me as I have an iPad, but if this is a person's single device that can be a factor. Apple products are expensive and accessories even more so. The Apple case is the best case I have seen but is over priced at $40. The Camera use is not as simple as past phones, and transferring slo-mo photos is a pain.

If you are upgrading and like Apple devices this phone is worth it. If you love taking pictures and video, this is an excellent device. All in all I highly recommend the iPhone 5s.


iPhone 4S review

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Well as I said, and very late here it is my review of the new iPhone 4S. First, a bit about my background for phones. Had a phone since the Star Tac days of 1996 and stayed in the simple dumb phone market till the T-Mobile Dash HTC Excalibur (HTC S620) in 2007. I then went to the G1 HTC Dream the first Google phone, a phone I loved very much. It was amazing having so much I can do at my finger tips, anywhere I could go be it on the web, or travel with it’s GPS. That phone served me well for a couple of years, I ignored the iPhone I had no iPod at the time so did not seem that special to me. In 2010 I got the Galaxy S phone, or on T-Mobile the Vibrant, a sexy phone, powerful fast and amazing, was also the time I got an iPod Touch, my first Apple product and my struggle.

The Vibrant was a major dive into the smartphone community it did everything through the apps I could get, but for some reason I did not download many apps and hardly used the phone for data, I leaned more on my iPod even then. I found the TV app, the GPS to be my most used features of the vibrant. It did not help that Android 2.1 was a battery hog and I had to wait so long to get 2.2 which allowed my battery to last the day. I love the concept of Android but had so many issues with Android I found myself becoming an apologist then a happy user.

My change to Apple came with the iPad, the device took over so many of my computing needs, and the scale of it was so appealing I decided to figure out a way to use the pad for photos and video processing, and that’s where the the biggest issue came. iMovie is awesome, but only works with apple devices recording video which makes my camcorder pointless without another computing device to process and edit video. I wanted to reduce my travel needs, and Apple provided with iPhone 4S and its improved optics, so here we are today.

The iPhone 4S

Pros – smaller then my vibrant, but with my iPad I don’t need real estate on my phone which makes the iPhone a plus as it is comfortable to hold and use. A plus for me!

The camera is amazing, I love the photos, much better then my vibrant or my camcorder in almost every aspect.

Siri, besides being fun, it is actually useful to me. I am a scatter brain, and Siri is as I get used to her, making me look as if I know what I am doing.

Simple interface, Android is pretty with widgets and backgrounds and such…but I spend almost no time outside of an actual app, so why do I need fancy screens I hardly ever see or use?

The eco system is huge, so many apps, yes an argument can be made too many bad ones, but app testing is have the fun of a smart device so bring on the fart apps!

IOS 5 is part of the eco system, but I don’t have to worry about if I go from HTC to Samsung, what apps will stop working…Apple just works no need to learn many flavors of the same OS.

Cons – It is small for a smartphone, I don’t need the real estate but I can see people being a put out by the size.

All hail Apple our overlord. Yeah IOS is simple, it works, and I don’t need to learn different flavors, BUT I also don’t get to see an improvement that can make my life easier, unless Apple and only Apple tells me, and then I have no choice if it does not work for me.

No new form factor, I can’t show off I have the cool 4S…ok I don’t care really and the fact was it is easier to shop accessories as they are out now, unlike my iPad which took forever to get what I wanted.

So a lot of things are more carrier based then phone specific so I will do my best to avoid those parts of the review. overall I love the form factor, having an iPad makes this easy to use and they play well together. I am a big fan of the camera and is a key reason I got the iPhone. Siri is making me less forgetful, and syncing across all my iDevices has been nice. One down note is wi-fi syncing is a bit clunky and slow, I expect the slow but it fails a lot and can take way too long to finish. I feel I need to only do it asleep or make a meeting to sync my iDevices.

Other then that I have love this phone, it is easy, quick, has a lot going for it and few downsides. If you need a big screen or speed and hate hotspots, then buy something like a Samsung galaxy S II, otherwise with an LTE hotspot the 4S has everything you need.


Hello Tech lovers!

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Welcome to Dave’s gadgets, this is where I will write reviews, opinions and news about the world of tech I love. I am starting this in honor of one of tech’s greatest heroes Steve job’s and finally getting down and talking about my love of tech.

Anyhow I am no writer, I promise to mispell, use bad grammer, like run on sentences that go nowhere, like that time I ran around in my underwear thinking I was wearing a swimsuit…Yeah blogs, ok. These blogs seem to be full of boring thoughts, by boring people, so it seems the perfect place for me. I also tend to notice alot of people write as though they are this months centerfold. My turn ons are sunny days, talk radio, my wife, and a harem of naked girls. Turn offs include rainy days and people who hug with nuclear arms. I promise to spare you the phote of me spread out on a pool table holding my pool que (Opps, I’m so bad). If you can’t tell already I have no clue what to say or write about (maybe I should use that pool table shot). If I could be serious for a moment…nah nevermind it is unlikely I will be too serious.

More to come…