Verizon review

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Well its about time to review my new carrier, Verizon. Now I want to point out, that reviewing a carrier based on a small geographical location is a bit silly but I wanted something to write about, so we’ll just deal with it.

Ok so lets get to it

Testing area was between Denver and Colorado Springs and performed over a two week period, I will try and stay true to the carrier and not the technology.

Call quality was very good all along the the test area, I have had no dropped calls and better quality then T-Mobile.

Data speeds was usually much faster on average then T-Mobile, but some areas I got great speeds on T-Mobile, I got poorer on Verizon, such as my place of work 12Mbs for T-Mobile and only 5Mbs on Verizon. At home I would get 100Bps and with Verizon I get 3Mbs. But on average in the places I tested, Verizon typically did better, and it does better indoors which is a big plus as I do very little web browsing outside.

I have had some issues with my hotspot, such as having to reboot it several times to get a reliable connection, went to Verizon and the representative did a great job doing a hard reset which for now has fixed the issue.

The one potential fumble for Verizon which turned into what I think was the finest moment of customer service was, when I ordered an iPhone for my wife and at some point in ordering it at my local store, the wrong account got attached to it. So my phone was being sent to the wrong address, well it took most of the day but they did get it corrected, had my account all set and ported my T-Mobile numbers over before I had the phone in my hands. This was the finest hour for Verizon for me so far and I am very happy.

in Short I am pleased with the service, and the call quality and data speeds for Verizon in my area, some of these things can be translated to anywhere and some can’t, but this is one happy Verizon customer.

T-Mobile Rant

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I want to take this time to state my outrage for T-Mobile. It all started back in the day I was doing a lot of traveling and I was a T-Mobile subscriber. I was in a mall and basically got sold a spare phone line, was not a big deal I did not feel pressured or feel I bought something I did not want. Over the time and very rarely did I need to use it but it was a nice comforting idea to have it, if I needed it. Well life went on and 3 years later, I faced grow wants for smartphones and hotspots, so held this line open for upgrading.

Along comes the iPhone 4s, and well T-Mobile was left out. My plan was to get the phone, hold on to my T-Mobile lines, including my spare, if the phone came out later or the iPhone 5, which barring the merger will be on T-Mobile. I had a trip out of town and knew my 2Gb data on my hotspot would not be enough, so I went to my T-Mobile store and bumped up to 5Gb. They told me my contract would be reset to two years, which seemed to imply, my mistake for not asking out right, that one line. It was not, my contract was extended for 2 years on all lines including the line I used maybe 100 minutes in 3 years. When I got my Verizon iPhone, the service, reception and call quality were much better then T-mobile, and was beginning to think at the end of the T-Mobile contract I would change over, one line at a time.

Well when I called to cancel the line I hardly use, I was told I would be charged the termination fee, I never upgraded, I was not subsidized on that line but was forced treat it as if I was. Well it was math time. T-Mobile’s termination fees are $200.00 per line, for me that means $800.00 total for breaking my contract, including the line I should not have been contracted to hold. well after a bit of math I found I would pay approximately $3600.00 for the two year contract term, or I could pay the $800.00 and change to Verizon, so with an iPhone ordered for my wife and an LTE hotspot I am ditching T-Mobile. Will I be happier? Can’t say to be honest, Verizon may also be a pain about this too, but with my needs shifting to Apple products, I find myself comfortable with the idea of not being T-Mobile, as it seems they are left in the dark till the merge question is done. With the way things run today the concept of a spare is no longer needed, so I won’t open lines I won’t use, so this same problem won’t happen.

Would I recommend T-Mobile? Yes, they are likely as good or bad as the others, and if not for the better service levels and discount I get with Verizon I may not be as upset. T-Mobile is a good little carrier, but are engaging in policies that are designed to force people to stay with them, till the merger is settled and thats wrong. They would have me still if they cancelled a line I pay $10.00 per month on, so was it worth losing $2800.00 from me to force me to keep a line they would have collected just $240.00 on? I think they screwed up, but thats me, and I admit I am very jaded right now.

Hello Tech lovers!

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Welcome to Dave’s gadgets, this is where I will write reviews, opinions and news about the world of tech I love. I am starting this in honor of one of tech’s greatest heroes Steve job’s and finally getting down and talking about my love of tech.

Anyhow I am no writer, I promise to mispell, use bad grammer, like run on sentences that go nowhere, like that time I ran around in my underwear thinking I was wearing a swimsuit…Yeah blogs, ok. These blogs seem to be full of boring thoughts, by boring people, so it seems the perfect place for me. I also tend to notice alot of people write as though they are this months centerfold. My turn ons are sunny days, talk radio, my wife, and a harem of naked girls. Turn offs include rainy days and people who hug with nuclear arms. I promise to spare you the phote of me spread out on a pool table holding my pool que (Opps, I’m so bad). If you can’t tell already I have no clue what to say or write about (maybe I should use that pool table shot). If I could be serious for a moment…nah nevermind it is unlikely I will be too serious.

More to come…