Well its about time to review my new carrier, Verizon. Now I want to point out, that reviewing a carrier based on a small geographical location is a bit silly but I wanted something to write about, so we’ll just deal with it.

Ok so lets get to it

Testing area was between Denver and Colorado Springs and performed over a two week period, I will try and stay true to the carrier and not the technology.

Call quality was very good all along the the test area, I have had no dropped calls and better quality then T-Mobile.

Data speeds was usually much faster on average then T-Mobile, but some areas I got great speeds on T-Mobile, I got poorer on Verizon, such as my place of work 12Mbs for T-Mobile and only 5Mbs on Verizon. At home I would get 100Bps and with Verizon I get 3Mbs. But on average in the places I tested, Verizon typically did better, and it does better indoors which is a big plus as I do very little web browsing outside.

I have had some issues with my hotspot, such as having to reboot it several times to get a reliable connection, went to Verizon and the representative did a great job doing a hard reset which for now has fixed the issue.

The one potential fumble for Verizon which turned into what I think was the finest moment of customer service was, when I ordered an iPhone for my wife and at some point in ordering it at my local store, the wrong account got attached to it. So my phone was being sent to the wrong address, well it took most of the day but they did get it corrected, had my account all set and ported my T-Mobile numbers over before I had the phone in my hands. This was the finest hour for Verizon for me so far and I am very happy.

in Short I am pleased with the service, and the call quality and data speeds for Verizon in my area, some of these things can be translated to anywhere and some can’t, but this is one happy Verizon customer.