Well, its that time of year, when every little gadget freak feels that little tingle and hears that special little bird tweeting in your ear. It is iPhone time once again, now I am in no way connected or getting an advance unit, in fact it will be late for me getting one. I have talked tot he carriers and being under T-Mobile contract I want cheap but useful so lets talk carriers. First what do I want? Well I want to get rid of my camcorder and use the iPhone in conjunction with my iPad to eliminate needing a laptop and all the camera gear. The iPhone works best with my iPad so iPhone is it due to the advanced camera. This posed a problem as I am a T-Mobile subscriber and under contract still, but this gives me a chance to review other carriers. My needs are simple since I have a phone already, few minutes, limited texting, and little data as I have a hotspot. So to the internet and carrier stores to do some research.

AT&T – A logical choice for a T-Mobile user, if the merger happens, well the accounts can be merged and I have one bill again.

Pros- Excellent data coverage in my area up to HSPA+21 (Though the iPhone can only do HSPA+14) few dropped calls based on other reviews

Cons- Price, bad reputation and I am still on the fence about the merger. Data caps and overages.

Plan – 450 minutes $39.99/month, 200Mb data $15.00/month,  Unlimited texts (which sucks as I need some but not unlimited texting and AT&T doesn’t really give you options) $20.00/month

Total – $74.99/Month

Sprint – The underdog in this race,

Pros – WiMax (Only with a hotspot) unlimited data plan, they too have good coverage where I go, data is good speed but being the small guy here I am worried.

Cons- Smaller carrier, don’t really need unlimited or really much data so the big lure is not a huge draw for me, oddly the included texting is more attractive

Plan – 450 minutes and unlimited text $69.99/month, Data Unlimited $10.00/month

Total – $79.99/Month

Verizon – A solid provider one I lean towards to get a different flavor over AT&T and Sprint and they are the only ones with LTE in my area (Not on the iPhone)

Pros – LTE, LTE, LTE in speed tests I got five to ten times in different locations I tested above T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. WiFi hotspot easy to add on or take off as you buy the hotspot and pay per month so even my iPhone could get LTE.

Cons – No native LTE on the iPhone and other Google phones have it. Data caps and overages.

Plan – 450 minutes $39.99/month, 2Gb data $30.00/month,  250 texts $5.00/month

Total – 74.99/Month

The verdict – Verizon, first it has LTE hotspots which I can use for my iPad, Nook, Google phone and 2 other devices and being a subscriber allows you to get 2,4,5, or 10 GB instead of the 5 and 10GB buying it alone. I don’t need unlimited and LTE is faster then WiMax (And cheaper, Sprint hotspots are 5Gb capped). Speed I do like, and lastly not having to do with anything to most, but my Wife can get a discount making it about $62/Month for my plan.

I will do a review of the iPhone when I get it and play with it, stay tuned!